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Back in the Woods Again
Carpe Diem among the trees in Skidaway Island...

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
Located in Pooler (near Savannah) pays tribute to...

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
Bob outside main museum building

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
Static displays include this cutaway R2800 engine

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
Main exhibition hall included this B17

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
P51 on display in main exhibition hall

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
Outside memorial garden is sober reminder of lives...

Wed, 25 Aug: Perhaps the greatest gift full-time Rving gives us is the ability to be flexible in our travels. We went to bed last evening with every intention of driving to Brunswick, GA with an overnite stop in St. George, SC. Sandi had a bright idea, and shared same with Bob (which usually frightens him no end...) Why not make a longer day of it today, stop in Savannah, GA and spend a few days visiting that area? Bob agreed, and we quickly input the new destination in our GPS and off we went.

A 290 mile drive that took us slightly longer than six hours. Not bad given our lunch stop at a South Carolina I-95 rest stop, and a rollover accident that slowed I-95 to a crawl for a few miles. Some rain, heavy at time, but otherwise no big problems. Everything they did at Gaffney worked just fine and Carpe performed flawlessly.

We arrived at our destination, Georgia's Skidaway Island State Park, about 2:15 and found a pull thru into which we could shoehorn Carpe. It isn't that the site is that small, it isn't—it's the abundance of trees that restrict overhead clearance. But, with Bob at the helm, we navigated the forested straits and were soon "at home".

Tomorrow we'll start our touristy adventures. We want to visit the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum and, of course, visit downtown Savannah.

Thu, 26 Aug: We drove to nearby Pooler to visit the Mighty Eighth Museum. This museum pays tribute to the Eighth Air Force, stationed in England, that wreaked havoc on German and other Nazi installations. These folks were instrumental in winning the war in Europe and paid a huge cost in doing so. Very, very sobering.

After lunch we did some sightseeing and returned home in time for happy hour. Thunderstorms were all around, and we drove through our share of them.

Fri, 27 Aug: We drove to Hilton Head Island this morning. To be honest, we were not very impressed with it. You can't see the ocean for all the walled homes. Guess there isn't any unlimited beach access here as there is in Hawai`i... In addition, the traffic was horrible and the drivers insane (or incompetent, or both!)

On the way out it rained buckets so we pulled into a Taco Bell for lunch. Good to get back to reality and be with real people.

Back home mid afternoon where we tackled our pile of laundry. Almost through, the timer just went off for the last dryer load. Then Happy Hour and some grilled steaks.

Tomorrow we head south, destination Brunswick.

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