2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

a new race car on the track??

no - just another local taking advantage of Community Day to take...

talk about a Midget!

checking out it's big brother proved to be interesting

Pit Lane - a piece of ground we very seldom get to...

these cars are brought here by enthusiasts who have restored them

on the grandstand side of Pit Lane the fuel tanks are installed...

well - not entirely ready - they haven't filled them with Ethanol...

this plaque is affixed to the base of the scoring pylon

the double walled barrier between Pit Lane and the track

the 1953 car of Jack McGrath

it was a shock to see this and realize I'd been to...

I was in junior high and I worked the race, ushering in...

these vintage race cars are fascinating



and beautiful to behold


over the years everything that could be tried

has been tried

anyone remember Bardahl?

Graham Rahal isn't the first guy to drive a purple car





in earlier years the engines were in the front

and the driver wasn't centered in the car

the driver was off to one side, usually the left, and the...

when they started putting engines in the rear they centered the driver...



Johnny Parsons once drove this 1972 Eagle

and Parsons drove for Sam and Madolyn Hucke in those days too







not many Locomobiles around any more









about that time we heard an "Ooogah!" and out on the track...

an Ethanol tank waiting for Mike Conway's car to pull up

the tank is gravity feed and this hose and recovery system can...

this man was nice enough to give me a lot of information

back in the Paddock - detail of Vitor Meira's car

Foyt's only hope in this race

working on Saavedra's car after the crash in qualifying


parts of Alex Tagliani's car make an interesting abstract with the blanket

Rahal's purple beauty

back on the last row this transporter was unloading cars

these are here for the Indy Lite Freedom 100 on Friday

at the Hot Wheels tent kids were racing cars down this ramp

Hot Wheels had two prototypes on site - this van for hauling...

and this twin engine green monstrosity

which can't possibly be driven because one of the engines is right...

Remembering the 1953 Milwaukee Mile

Today was Community Day at the Speedway, a day when local folks are allowed to take the family car out for a spin around the track. Unfortunately track rules draw the line at motorhomes. :-(

We walked over in the afternoon and spent several hours checking out the activities. Some drivers were scheduled to do autograph sessions, but the lines were long and stretched out a hundred yards in the glaring sun. Nobody’s signature is worth that.

But there was one activity worth the walk. It was a chance to go out on Pit Lane and see it close up. Teams have moved their fuel tanks to the pits now and it’s starting to look like it does for the race. I had the opportunity to talk to one man about the cars and the fuel and he was very friendly and informative. To make Pit Lane even more interesting there were a number of old race cars on display, turning Pit Lane into Memory Lane for just a while.

One car that blew me away was Jack McGrath’s old race car from the fifties. It had finished fifth at Indy in 1953 and then won the Milwaukee Mile race the next week. I was at that race and I watched Jack McGrath win it nearly a half century ago. To see that car again, and to relive those memories was 'Priceless!'.

These cars are not the ones we’d seen in the Indy Hall of Fame Museum last year, but were cars owned by individuals who had restored them and loaned them to the track for the day. Madolyn found one that had been driven by Johnny Parsons, a driver she knows, and who drove for her and Sam when they were racing in the '70's.

From Pit Lane we went into the Paddock where a lot of the current cars were on display, in various stages of assembly. On the back row of garages a huge red transporter was unloading Indy Lite cars for Friday’s race. They are slightly smaller than their big brothers and sisters, and they have less power. The Indy Lite Series is a proving ground for up and coming drivers, and the race should be a good one.

Hot Wheels had an exhibit where kids could pick cars and race them side by side, and Izod had a big trailer that had a lot of interesting racing information. We ended the day by buying some driver pins, then we retreated to our air conditioned motorhome to get out of the heat.

Tomorrow is a big day. The Indy Lite cars will be on the track practicing, and our friends Gary Smith and Pam Grissom are arriving from California. It will be good to see them again!

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