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Our Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Hukate

Looks like Concorde inside too. God knows what they think of British...

Kumamoto Castle

Scary dance group (an Erica pic)

The main keep at Kumamoto

Local lord, wearing Pixie Hat of Death

Main keep at Kumamoto

Screen painting in Palaceof Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Towers

Suizenji Gardens

Suizenji Gardens, including Mount Fuji scene and obliging heron

Suizenji Gardens with heron again

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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One of many strange dances

We have both spent all our time in Japan so far on the main island of Honshu, mostly in Central Honshu. Today we went further South and West, further back into the hot muggy weather onto the island of Kyushu, another of the big four islands in Japan (there are about four thousand islands in all). Specifically we went to Kumamoto, about half way down the West Coast of Kyushu.

We got around the city on trams, first to Kumamoto Castle, then the Suizenji Gardens. The Castle was great, huge fortifications and an attractive main keep in the middle of all the moats and huge walls. The Palace there was newly rebuilt and gorgeous too, in particular the beautiful painted screens. There was some highly entertaining (mostly for the wrong reasons!) sort of music and dance festival going on in the grounds. It was pretty dreadful!

The Suizenji Gardens were lovely though, small but very attractive, and well worth the visit. And then back home, a long day, though its always a pleasure to travel by shinkansen.

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