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7/15-7/20 Last of Trent Severn

We finished the last 100 miles of the waterway with more amazing stories to tell. We went thru an area called Hell's Gate, saw many rich & famous homes of the Canadains, & had Miss L taken out of the water by an old railroad crane and moved across land and getly placed back in the water. One nite while John was sleeping, a boat tied up near us caught fire. Sue, Ed, Carol helped the fellow loopers out by assisting in evacuating them, their cat & some valuables. The owner saved the boat via fire extinguishers. The Generator caught fire. They spent the nite in a local motel. The next day, along with Otherwise, we assessed their damage with them & decided they were sea worthy as long as we escorted them across the lower GA Bay to Beacon Bay. This went well, even though we had some tough navigating to do. They are safe, emotions are getting in check, & repairs are unerway already. God bless them - we have befriended them as part of our new family. Spent 3 days in Orillia at town docks whic were like a resort. They really know how to treat a boater here. On the way in, a boater passed us fast & rocked us pretty bad. WE caught up to them in a lock & chewed them out royally. The lock master held them back for a locking & gave them a lesson in boating safety. This Sunday we head out for the famous North Channel of te GA Bay. If you like to Google, check it out.

7/20/06 Petang, Ont

We have been here for 4 days now @ a rendevouz with several other boaters. We have met many boaters & have learned alot about places to, boating, navigation & hearing the successes & learnings have been neat. We even brke out into sessons for the gals & guys so we could talk about each other behind our backs - LOL. A dingy poker run was held with everyone getting soaked. Tonite we all go on a dinner cruise together. Our 2nd day we had an open house where everyone got to see each other boats. Ed & Carol, Sue's sister, just left after several days. A great visit. They got to experience some first time boating helping thru 3 locks, & spending the night depending on our genset to supply everything. They even did ok surviving a day without a shower. Landlubbers, just gotta have their luxuries - LOL. The folks here at the Beacon Bay Marina are probably the best hosts we have had to date. They loan us their car whenever we need it, get us suppies....WE feel like Kings & Queens

Work Days

A note on maintaining our home. About every 3 weeks, we take a day off to pamper Miss L. We did that recently. We try to do this in a town where we can get provisons, parts, etc. It usually starts out washing Miss L down stem to stern. Then to laundry, grocery... Sue & John then tackle an il change together which takes about 1-2 hrs. Every other oil change, we change transmission fluids too. Then the 3 fuel filters, which takes about an hour. Then John dives into te bilge (as Jim calls it), and mops up any spills. Then gotta check the batteries, which are located where the sue don't ever shine in the bilge. So after about 10 cuts, a few choice words that requires asking for forgiveness at prayer time, he is done, only generally right after cleaning up realizing that he forgot to do something else down in the bilge like check the generator oil level, a zinc.... He is almost finished with his battery project, doubling capacity. He finished his backup bilge pump 2 weeks ago, & now has a new project he wants to do - a backup waste tank that he learned how to do from another boater. We need to not allow John to talk to other seasoned boaters anymore as he keeps on getting new ideas to spend time money on. All of this along with usually some minor repair or two like fixing a borken blind, re-tying new ropes when the old ones get worn, we finish up around 8:00 pm & crash. Then the next day we sitesee the local town & relax. This usually ends up that night with neighbor boaters & a Suduko contest. Sue is now only 2 ahead of John.

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