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Iskut, BC - Mountain Shadow RV Park and Campground - Site 6

Iskut, BC - Mountain Shadow RV Park and Campground - Site 6,...

View from campsite

Cassiar Highway Southbound 1

Cassiar Highway Southbound 2

Cassiar Highway Southbound 3

Cassiar Highway Southbound 4

Cassiar Highway Southbound 5

Cassiar Highway Southbound 6 - Dust and Gravel roads - Grrrr

Cassiar Highway Southbound 7

Cassiar Highway Southbound 8

Cassiar Highway Southbound 9

Cassiar Highway Southbound 10

Cassiar Highway Southbound 11 - Dease Lake

Cassiar Highway Southbound 12 - Dease Lake 2

Cassiar Highway Southbound 13 - Dease Lake 3

Cassiar Highway Southbound 14 - Dease Lake 4

Cassiar Highway Southbound 15 - that's a real horse just standing there,...

Cassiar Highway Southbound 16

Cassiar Highway Southbound 17

Common Loon on the lake at the end of the trail we...

View of the campground from the start of the trail - we...

The Fireweed has about run its course - the blooms start at...

The trip half-way down the Cassiar was long and arduous. It took 5.5 hours to make the 193 mile trip. 30 minutes of that was at a stop in Jade City, but that still means it took 5 hours to drive 193 miles, averaging almost 40 mph. Supposedly the bad roads are pretty well over as the rest of the Cassiar and even the rest of the trip should be on fairly good roads. We are staying at Mountain Shadow RV Park and Campground which is just north of Iskut, BC. It is a very nice campground with long pull-throughs in the shadows of some very large mountains and beside a lake, very pictureque. We have 30 amps, water and WiFi. I tried the dish again but the signal is still to weak to get a good lock-on - will try again as we head further south.

Our stop at Jade City was a real disappointment. Only one of the two stores were open and most of what they had for sale was "Made in China" junk. We had expected "real bargains" but were offered "real crap!" :) Oh well, there hasn't been much that disappointed us on this trip so we can't complain.

We are just going to stay here in the campground for two nights and chill-out in the beautiful surroundings before heading on down to Lake Meziadin Provincial Park for one night and then over to Stewart-Hyder for three or four days of bear and glacier viewing.

Today, Wednesday, we took a hike through the woods to the lake. It turns out the lake we see from the campground is just a small neck of the Kluachon Lake which is very large. The trail ended on its shore and we were fortunate to see a Common Loon diving for its food. They are much larger than I expected. We also managed to scare a family of ducks away from the shore we were on and across the lake. Doris did pretty good on the hike - we just had to take it a little slow and try to protect that knee. BUT STILL NO BULL MOOSE!!!

There is supposed to be WiFi at the Lake Meziadin Prvincial Park and if so, I will post tomorrows blog tomorrow night. If not, it will wait until Friday night.

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