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Napa Vineyards in Sonoma

Vineyard train tour


Statue of wine press



Acres of vines

A winery

Popular spot amongst the classic vineyards

View out the camper door

A glimpse of Lake Sonoma from the campground

Operations inside the spawning area


The fish ladder

Steelheads "smelling" their way to their original spawning area

Dry creek-the entrance

The spawning habitat complex

Twisted chimneys

Typical fragrant flora in this little town

Traveling in this manner has opened our eyes to the MANY beautiful areas the USA has to offer. Yesterday we entered the COE park Liberty Glen. It is the last day of boar hunting season! We see evidence of rooting around the campsite!

The rode here is lined with acres and acres of vineyards. I did learn some are growners, some are wineries, and some have both. We have much more investigating to do in the wine department.

The geology of the area is young-under 5,000 years old. It is basically the sea floor and a combination of "rubbing" of ectonic plates. Again, more information to be learned. One indication of the above is the striations of the rocks. More later...

As usual off to the visitor's center we go. Surprise #1...Lewis & Clark were the first Corp of Discovery, later to be known as the Corp of Engineers. Their mission was to locate a connection between the Atlantic and Pacific and to map the natural features of the west. How about this the trip personnel included an Indian squaw(sends a message of peace) and a black man. The black man was perceived as a magical medicine man among the Indians. Very interesting! Surprise #2...A spawning habitat for steelhead trout and salmon 100% funded by the COE. When the Warm Springs dam was built on Lake Sonoma, the fish spawning route was interrupted. The Russian River via the Dry Creek is the host. The fish "smell" their way annually to their original spawning waters. Once this process is completed the hatchery returns them to the sea via the above mentioned waterways. Now you know it is somewhat more complex than I have written but you get the idea. The process is sophisticated, environmentally, and biologically sound.

It is now after lunch. The rest of the afternoon will be spent hiking. See you tomorrow.

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