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It's 7 a.m. eastern time and we have already finished the proclamation at the Delaware capitol. Frances woke us up this morning about a quarter of 5:00 worried about the storm moving into the area and wanting to get out of the area before we were caught in it. Last night when she came back from doing some shopping at the Wal Mart and told me the weather news (Steve was already asleep, it had been a long driving day for him), we asked our Heavenly Father to keep the storm at bay so we could make it to these two capitols that are in the path of this on-coming storm. I finished the journal entries and went to bed. Yedidah had sent another email update which I read her personal message part before I went to bed. Because of her message and the approaching storm I needed to spend some time in prayer to quiet my soul. From Yedidah's update I was wondering if we would have time to finish this mission. Should we hightail it back home? Should we stay the course? If the nor'easter came in during the night should we stay put and ride it out or should we continue on our way despite the predicted heavy rain and high winds? As is my usual custom I asked for YHVH's peace to guide me. Shoud we stay the course and finish the mission? Yes, there is peace. Should we hold up in the WalMart parking lot to wait out the storm. No peace. Then Abba, if it is heavy rain and high winds we'll stay put, if it is clear we'll take it as a sign that you want us to go on. Much peace. And I went to sleep. You can certainly tell a storm is brewing, crossing Chesapeake Bay this morning the wind was really whipping up the water. In a high profile motorhome you always take into account things like crosswinds, but they weren't too bad on the bridge, thank YHVH, and Steve's excellent driving ability!

It was still good that Frances got us up early this morning, always better to make the proclamation in dry weather! Rain is coming!

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