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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok ok, you win, now why dont we go and see...

Note the plastic rake for protection?????!!!!

Ahhh, Ickle Croc - See how brave I am - Can ya,...

This is my NOT so brave face modelling next years accessory range!

A freshwater creek junction where two creeks meet, one warm and one...

Remember the weird looking bird with the red and blue head? They...

Ohhh Myyy God. If I've ever met anyone I thought was close to meeting his maker, it was this bloke! Went to this Crocodile farm just as you arrive into Cairns, its basically a farm used for the production of Croc meat and skin - not really any different to a farm back home - but for crocs.

The first beast we were presented with was a FIVE METRE Crocodile, his name escapes me - I dont think anyone remembered to be honest! The guy casually swings open the gate and WALKS UP TO IT AND P-A-T-S I-T O-N T-H-E H-E-A-D!!!! ARRRGGGGGH! EVERYONE was like "W-O-O-A-A M-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-Y-Y-T-E, WHAT ARE YOU D-O-O-O-O-O-I-I-I-I-N-G-G-G-G-G-G-G???!" =/

Anyway, managed to get a video of it snapping its mouth shut and the sound was like a pneumatic clamp "BHUM!" The thing would snap you in two without breakin a sweat. Anyway, turns out he's of a really placid nature and just wants to sunbathe and get fed Chicken, hence why he can walk in.

Anyway, saw a few more crocs and a demonstration of how they lurk in the big pond, you'd have no idea they were there until you stepped up to the water and 'BAM' you'd be mashed! The guy wanders up to the fence, drops half a chicken wing in the water just in front of us and.. SMACK! - there it is, four meters of handbag in your face gnashing on feathers! Turns out they track you along the bank under the water from the vibrations made by your feet, you would have absolutely no idea he was there. It was almost simultaneous - the chicken hit the water as the Croc PROPPER launched itself out of the water to get it, RAA!

After the walk round I got to hold a small croc and then the gimp layed a snake over my shoulders from behind me, thought it was fake until it moved! Then it TURNED AND LOOKED R-I-G-H-T INTO MY FACE! Urghgrhgrhgrghgh! I swear I heard it thinkin "I'm so gonna bite your eyelids off Pommie Twat!"

Anyway, dont trust snakes so got my photo and legged it! (Unless they're maimed on a beach and obviously unable to move! - Re: Fraser)


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