Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

Bluebird on Park Bench outside Corps of Engineers Office

Bill & Cindy Walker on New Couch

Babcock Headstone in Paris Cemetery - Front View

Babcock Headstone in Paris Cemetery - Side view

Mansion outside Tigertown


This morning I saw a beautiful blue bird on the park bench right outside my office window. He stayed there quite a while surveying his kingdom, I guess.

After work I drove to Paris to visit with Bill and Cindy Walker. I arrived shortly after 6:00. Cindy prepared a delicious dinner. Of course, we stayed up later than usual catching up on each other’s news. One thing I noticed right off was their new den furniture and big screen TV. It all looks very nice.


We all slept late this morning. When we had finally gotten our eyes open, we went to A Piece of Cake for lunch. After lunch we drove around in the country to Pat Mayse Lake, Direct (where we took a break at the Direct Café) and Tigertown. At Tigertown we saw the estate of the former owner of P J Trailer Company. According to the local scuttlebutt, he broke with the Mennonite Church, sold the company and used the proceeds to build his mansion across the highway from the trailer company. Just a bit in their face, I’d say! The employees are mostly Mennonites. For some reason, my photos of the estate are too blue but I decided to include one of them anyway.


After church we went to the cemetery, where Bill showed me his parents’ and grandparents’ graves, as well as those of some other relatives. Then we stopped by the Babcock grave to see the unusual headstone. It is very large and is topped by a statue of Jesus wearing a robe and cowboy boots! No one seems to know the story behind the boots but I imagine that it must be an interesting one.

We went to the Green Leaf restaurant for lunch. About mid-afternoon I headed back home. The wind was blowing quite hard, so I had to hang onto the steering wheel.

This has been a good week end. I always enjoy the time I spend with Bill and Cindy.

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