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Monday, Nov. 17

Today was another typical day in the village. Some people worked at the clinic which seemed to be growing by the day with all the people that turned out each morning. The rest of us worked on painting the primer on the walls of the building. We were covered and paint by the end but it didn’t take too long to finish over all. Nancy conducted the Miranga (sp?) tree project and all the women left with their own tree to plant at their house. It was a fun sight to see all the women walking home with trees on their heads. I don’t know how they do it! The kids thought it was funny when I tried to carry juice on my head and dropped it within a couple seconds. For those of you that are wondering, Miranga trees are great medical purposes and vitamins (not sure of the specifics – I guess I didn’t pay attention that well, sorry Nancy!)

That night the container finally showed up around 10:30pm!!!!! Everyone was really excited since we had begun to think that it just wasn’t going to happen. We unloaded the entire 40ft crate with the help of some of the guys from the village (who also volunteered to sleep outside the storage room to make sure nothing was stolen). It was a late night but it got unloaded. Unfortunatly 8 of us were leaving on safari in the morning, which left only a few people to sort through a rediculous amount of stuff.

Tuesday & Wednesday, Nov. 18 & 19

We left early to go on safari to Makumi National Park. Unknowing to us that it took about 7 hours one way to get there. One of the vehicles ended up overheating along the way but they eventually showed up at the hotel, a little grouchy but safe. Just driving into the park without even going on the actual safari yet we saw baboons, zebras, impalas and giraffe. The hotel was really cool in that our rooms were tents but the nicest tents that I have ever stayed in. Shower, flush toilet, 2 beds – very nice! Shannon and I were roommates for this trip. Our first drive that night we saw tons more animals, including a herd of elephants that crossed right in front of our car. The mom elephants circled around the babys to protect them and the male of the group blocked them all, stood right in front of our vehile flapping his ears, trunk in the air. It was so cool! Later on we also saw a bunch of hippos, one had a baby croc on its back, and some huge crocs swimming in the water.

The next morning we woke up early for our next drive. We saw more of the same animals, including an impala that had been killed by a leopard just before we arrived. On the way back we saw that same impala being ripped apart by vultures. Normally that sort of stuff grosses me out but I think since it was nature it was just really interesting to watch. We also got to see 2 lions from a distance, some wildabeat and warthogs. After the 2nd drive we went back to the hotel for breakfast before jumping back in the cars for the 7hr ride back.

Some how, by the time we got back to the hotel by the village, the people that had stayed back had sorted nearly all of the boxes… which is just amazing!! If you could see how many there were! We stayed up late that night sorting more things and getting ready for the next few days. (Each day ended up being about 3 days rolled into 1).

Learn Swahili – Safari Edition

Lion – Simba

Warthog – Pumba

Giraffe – Twigga

Elephant - Tembo

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