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Canyon Del Muerte

More Canyon Del Muerte

Navajo Fortress

Spider Rock

Canyon De Chelley

Canyon De Chelley

White House Trail

The White House - ruined pueblo

On the White House trail

Erica, looking rather cute.

The White House from the Canyon rim

View from White House Trail

As I said, pronounced Canyon De Shay. And that is basically where we spent today. First we drove along the North Rim to all the lookout points, and then the South Rim, where we also walked down the White House Trail to look at some ruins in the Canyon walls. The Canyon is stunningly beautiful, like a paradise of green amongst high red textured sandstone cliffs.

Erica remembers the place as being full of offish and drunk Native Americans intent on driving their crappy old pick-ups into your nice rental car, but other than the completely pissed guy we met on the trail today (alcohol is illegal in the Navajo Nation, and indeed most reservations), everyone has been pretty nice and the place looks about the same as most places outside the reservation (except with nicer scenery). We are camping here tonight before heading for iconic Monument Valley tomorrow, home of John Wayne and a million other cowboys.

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