More Adventures with Daisy 2007-08 travel blog

Today I was up a little earlier than usual because I wanted to get to Livingston in time to pick up my mail. There was a large stack waiting for me, including mailing labels and note pads from several charities. It certainly didn't take long for them to find me after I had changed my mailing address!

I had checked the driving distance and time on "Streets and Trips" to get an idea of how long the trip would be. One option using mostly Louisiana state highways showed 278 miles. Another option using I-20 to Marshall, Texas and US 59 from there to Livingston showed 283 miles, with a shorter driving time. I decided on the second option. However, my actual mileage was 292 miles. When I crossed the line into the Land of Promise, I thought I heard a collective sigh from Daisy and Sweet Pea. :>)

I was really tired by the time I arrived. Happily, I didn't have to dry camp. My site has only electric and water hookups but I probably will be able to move to a full-hookup site in a couple of days.

Early in the afternoon I ran into a couple of light rain showers. Later, in the Nacogdoches area there was a hard rain, but I kept driving. Then, at Corrigan there was more heavy rain and some hail. By the time I had reached Livingston, it was just misting a little. I hurried to get set up at my campsite before it started raining again. Around 6:00 we had a heavy downpour and hail. It was too dark to check for hail damage.

Since I'm now back at the starting point for my trip to the Northeast, I calculated the length of the trip: 6,576 miles in about three and a half months. This compares to 9,972 miles in nearly four and a half months last year on my trip to the Pacific Northwest. The ten-day trip to the Rio Grande Valley last November was a mere 1,034 miles.

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