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in need of scrubbing

don't turn on the lights

on the windshield

yellow specks

Today we drove about 280 miles across Arizona from Yuma to Benson. The first hundred miles we were bombarded by little bodies hitting our windshield and trailer front. They contained yellow blood and were considerably larger than the bugs we usually get on our windshield at home. Soon it was nearly impossible for Ken to see as he drove through the swarming creatures. We noticed little bodies bouncing off the pavement after having been struck by the vehicles in front of us. After a few wrapped themselves around our antenna and caught in the windshield wipers, we could see the wings and realized they were monarch butterflies migrating north from Mexico. When I was a kid, I remember them being pretty common, but loss of habitat and pest spraying, makes seeing one in my yard kind of an event these days. I was happy to see that they are thriving, but they certainly made Ken unhappy as he drove. Perhaps the unusually heavy rains this area has had this winter, lead to this butterfly bounty. When we stopped for gas, the westbound people were amazed at the sight of us, and came to the realization that a hundred miles later they would look like us, too. We will have a joyous afternoon scraping them off the truck and trailer.

We made a reservation for our campground here in Benson since it is Easter weekend, but it is only about 1/3 full. It appears that for this area, high season is over and people in neighboring states have already returned home to good weather of their own. Since we have climbed up to 4,000 feet, it's considerably cooler than in Yuma.

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