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A serendipitous mermaid appears ready to launch into the Beaufort Marina

Interesting architecture along the waterfront in Beaufort

An historic home on the waterfront drive in Beaufort

June 1

Our drive to Charleston was not a great distance and we took side roads to enjoy the time. The woman who served me in the bookstore in Fairhope said if you're going along the South Carolina coast, you must visit Beaufort. It wasn't far out of our way and the drive was very scenic with salt marshes and estuaries along the way.

We were just going to drive through but opted to park by the marina and stroll along the harbour front scenic walk. That turned out to be a great idea and we found a nice covered patio for lunch. The historic district is not large but is very delightful to see. The downtown has a display of artistically decorated mermaids scattered through the downtown, similar to the Orcas in Vancouver or the pelicans in Fairhope.The architecture along the harbour drive reminded us of the stately old homes that used to line the gulf shore in Mississippi but were now all destroyed by Katrina.

We had also found out it was not named with the French pronunciation but rather as "bew-fuhrt", a hard shift for exceptional linguists like ourselves. The well-known Parris Island Marine Base is very close by and we saw one of the marines at lunch; they are all mere boys to us.

We continued our journey to Charleston after lunch and passed by a signpost for Ashepoo, which allowed our inner 6-year olds a giggle. Hotels in downtown Charleston are very expensive (we are now trying to build a war chest to be able to afford a hotel in New York) so we found a Ramada in North Charleston that worked out fine for our overnight stay. The weather forecast was changing rapidly with Tropical Storm Barry fast approaching. We were hopeful it would at least put some water on the fires in South Georgia.

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