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View from Skagway

Ship docked at Skagway

Rick & Sherry walking to overlook

View from overlook

Inside the Red Onion

The Red Onion

Now THAT's a snow blower!

Flowers in Skagway

Stream in Skagway

A parting shot

Marilyn and I awoke early and went out on the balcony to watch the scenery go by. It was awesome! Marilyn and I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places in this old world, but for scenery, we have never seen any place more beautiful than Alaska. At least, the parts of Alaska we have seen from this cruise.

The ship docked at 6:30 AM with absolutely beautiful weather promised for the entire day. We had breakfast in the dining room and then left the ship for a tour of Skagway, with Rick & Sherry.

This tour was the least enjoyable of all the tours we had taken, but we had lots of time to wander around the small town, and had a great time. We visited the museum, a scenic overlook, and took in a melodrama about the roaring 90's. The melodrama was about Soapy Smith, a bad guy who was shot during the gold rush days.

Marilyn and Sherry wanted to do more shopping so Rick and I decided to visit the "Red Onion" Saloon and Brothel. We had a great time, but turned down the offer to tour the brothel part, which was upstairs from the saloon. The cost to tour the upstairs was $5.00 for 15 minutes, which they advertise as the same cost as in the 90's.

As Rick and I sat at a table enjoying a cold drink, I saw Marilyn and Sherry walking by the window. I quickly ran outdoors and invited them to join us for a cold drink, and then Rick and I went with the girls to finish up the shopping for the day.

We enjoyed a liesurely walk back to the ship, took showers and dressed for dinner. We met Rick & Sherry at the Wheelhouse bar before dinner, to listen to the live music and share a cold drink.

At dinner we were treated to King Crab legs. All we could eat. Wow! What a wonderful meal!

After dinner we wandered over to the theater for the live entertainment. Rick & Sherry needed to stop for something, so Marilyn & I promised to hold a seat for them.

As Marilyn & I selected a seat, we noticed a couple seated in the row behind us, and I had an inspiration. :) I turned around and introduced myself to these folks seated behind us. They were very nice and I asked them to do something for us. I told them about our friends, Rick & Sherry, giving them a few details about them, and asked them to pretend to recognize Rick & Sherry after they joined us.

Rick & Sherry soon came in and joined us, and after they had sat with us for a few minutes, we heard the lady behind us say in a voice loud enough for Rick & Sherry to hear, "Honey, isn't that Rick & Sherry"?

Sherry turned around and looked at the lady and the lady (I think her name was Marie)

exclaimed "IT IS! Hi Sherry, Oh we haven't seen you for so long! Are you still in San Antonio"?

Sherry was surprised but handled the situation with her usual grace, continuing a conversation with the lady, obviously trying to remember where she knew her from. Rick, who appeared stunned, just sat there with that "Deer in the headlights" look.

Sherry and Marie continued to visit, while Marilyn and I just cracked up. Marilyn was so tickled that she couldn't even look at Rick when I asked her to look at the look on his face. We soon could hold it no longer, and admitted that we had engineered this facade, but Marie was really good. She and her husband, John, were from Canada, and were very nice people. All was good fun, with Rick & Sherry joining in the laughter.

We all returned to our cabins a little after midnight, with Marilyn still giggling about the episode with John & Marie.

It was a very enjoyable day and we slept as the ship sailed through the night.

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