Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog


unlimited macademia nuts for the guests


submarine ride



almost completely whale free whale watching


at the swim start of the Hawaiian Ironman

cayaking to Captain Cook Monument

nice snorkeling at Captain Cook Monument



at the place of refuge


green sand beach near the souther tip of the island

rain forrest

in a lava tube

Ooops, the volcano ate the road

on the lates addition to the land of the United States


where is smoke there is fire, yet we did not see the...

an occasional forrest patch left in the middle of the new lave...

park rangers carrying out the new warning signs

lava solidified around tree trunks

Michelle running at Hilo

Michelle running at Hilo-2


the saddle road

Mauna Loa

is it a sunny day finally, or is it just that we...


not alone on the beach

yes, we went to a luau as well

Macademia Farm, Captain Cook Monument snorkle and kayak surfing, Place of refuge, Ironman Course, Camping in hope of seeing lava flow in the Hawaii volcanos NP, Hilo, Saddle road. Covered perhaps all roads on island

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