Anthony on the Gringo Trail 2005 travel blog

Active(ish) volcano

Laguna Cañaba

Another side of Laguna Cañaba

Flamingos on the Laguna

Flamingos herding

Flamingos refelected in the Laguna

Fellow tourist rock climbing

Another one for Erica - me at Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colarada

Crap sleep due to all the snoring. The previous nights group commitment to seeing the dawn over the Salar melted in the pre-dawn cold, so only Christine and I got up, me partly as I had been awake since 3. The moon was magnificent, just a sliver, with a ring visible all around, in a deep dark blue-black sky. We walked straight out into the Salar as the sun slowly rose. The colours were just great, as was the peace and the feeling of walking into a sea. Bloody cold too. In the end I left Christine to it and turned back for breakfast, a great chilled walk back, the salt crunching under my feet like the frost it appeared to be.

So off we all go, to basically visit a series of lakes increasingly higher and further into the mountains on the Chilean and Argentinian borders. These were all populated by flocks of pink flamingos, and were of various amazing colours and surrounded by beautiful spice coloured mountains. We were also increasingly in a smelly volcanic area. Other fun was some rabbits with long tails like cats climbing around the rocks, and some strangely eroded rocks. And then to our rest place at Laguna Colorada, a stunning mixture of red, white and blue at 4400 ms. The accomodation though is what is euphemistically called basic. All in the same room again, and it is perishing cold, no running water, etc. Some community entertainment is provided by Steffan's legs. In the pampas (they were in the jungle with the two Germans I was in the pampas with) he got some nasty bites, and now there are worms coming out of great pussey holes in his legs! Gross! And his bed is right next to mine. Various of the many travelers staying in the same place get involved with advice, dressings, etc. Then an early and cold night, frost inside the windows before we even get to sleep.

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