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Today we decided to head west towards the Rhine to explore the town of Breisach and an area called The Kaiserstuhl.

The town of Breisach sits on the Rhine and the German/ French border. Dominating the town is the Munsterberg or Minster Hill which was the seat of a Celtic principality, then a Roman castle and then an important trading city with significant fortifications. In the 17th and 18th centuries under both Habsburg and French sovereignty was one of Europe’s most important and strongest fortified cities. Despite the city almost being destroyed twice once in 1793 by the French and then at the end of World War II the city still had some interesting historical buildings.

We explored the town following one of the city walks which took us up and around the Munsterberg and through a number of the remaining former gates to the fortified city.

After lunch we left Breisach and explored the area called the Kaiserstuhl. This area is a bit of a geological oddity- a small group of volcanic derived hills in an otherwise flat area near the Rhine. The area is mainly vines and fruit trees but there were some great views of the area.

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