Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

At Brians house with the folks

The motley crew

Love those shades Anna

A brilliant scenic flight back to BA provided some awesome views of the mountains and lagoons in Tierra del Fuego. It took three and a half hours to fly from the bottom to the north of Argentina, a flight time which would take us from England to anywhere in Europe.

Arriving back in the capital we headed back to Palermo district and after rushing around burning cd's and getting a terrible hair cut we went to visit our friends we met in Bariloche. We checked in at Brians house and chatted with his parents while drinking and eating empanadas. Come one o'clock we hit the streets in search of a good bar. This is the official 'go out' time which we are just about getting used to and we sat outside a pretty good bar drinking copious amounts of beer until five. By this point everybody was wasted and bed was calling. We had a great time catching up with the student crew who showed us the Argentinian way of going out.

Day 339 complete

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