Bonn Square

Galeria Shopping

Bonn Square

Bonn Square II

Bonn Square III

Flower Market



Sam with Beethoven

Beautiful Architecture

City View

Street View

Bikes are Popular


Sam's Prawn Pasta

Rosemary Goat Cheese Pasta


Variety of Candies

Haribo Bear

Sam with Bears

Haribo Inside

Haribo Art Gallery

Bonn Train Station

Remagen Town Sign

Town Fountain

Remagen Street View

Remagen Street View II

Rhine View

Rhine View II

Peace Museum

Treat Bird

Fruit Shop

Waiting for Train

Sam Train Selfie

Today Sam and I decided to further explore via train to the cities of Bonn and Remagen, Germany. We purchased a Rhineland regional ticket for 24 Euros and headed out. This was adventure number two on the train for Sam and I to navigate. After a brief stop in Koblenz, we made our way to Bonn. Bonn is the birthplace of Beethoven and a charming city with an open square and numerous shopping opportunities and cafes to explore. It took us about 1.5 hours on the train to arrive in Bonn just in time for lunch. We walked the town and found a nicely shaded cafe with a view of the square. Sam had pasta with prawns and I had rosemary pasta with goat cheese. Sam's face was priceless when the "whole" shrimp showed up on the plate. Our meal was delicious.

The cafe was very convenient to the Haribo Candy Company store. Bonn is home to the Haribo factory and a variety of delicious gummy candy treats. We had a great time exploring the store and picking out some souvenirs for home. We soon headed back to the train station for our next stop-Remagen.

Remagen is a town famous for it's bridge of movie fame during World War II. There is a Peace Museum located in Remagen to commemorate the events that took place in the town. We enjoyed exploring the town square with a bubbling fountain, cobblestone streets and friendly residents. We boarded the train for Spay after about an hour of exploration. Another successful adventurous day out!

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