We loved this hop on hop off tour of Milan...

The Expo is advertised all over town, we will be going there...

Views from the tour...

I wish I could remember all the Italian names...:-)

This Japanese Restaurant was in China Town.. we will be going back...

They have cable cars all over town too..

Central Station at the end of the road..

Loved the way this apartments has trees planted on the balconies..

Loved this high building in Milan..

Looking up...

Another high riser..

Shopping is incredible in Milan, they have everything from cheap to very...

Shops for blocks..


Love the incredible buildings..





More Expo signs...we can't wait to go this week..


The incredible Milan Cathedral..

This is a major shopping and restaurant area too..

The spirals all have statues on them, the gold one is for...

Another view.

Loved the promenade too..

It is a wowser..

View..near the church..

Back on the bus for more..




After the tour we shopped and had lunch in this area..

Jerry at the Majestic Cafe..with the mime in the background..

I tried to order light with my was a shock how...

Jerry's eggplant dish..

We enjoyed people watching..

And dog watching.. :-)

Close up of the cool mime..

Last one, Michael Jackson on the subway...:-)

We took the “Explore Milan” tour today. With this double decker ticket you can hop-on and hop-off the buses at any of the stops throughout Milan, giving you the freedom and flexibility to explore, sight see or visit attractions before boarding the next bus to continue your tour. The cost was $22 each, we highly recommend it to all our readers. It is a 75 minute tour that shows you all the top highlights of Milan.

Milan is the Italian capital of fashion and much more. This beautiful city has so much to offer—from history to shopping to gorgeous architecture. We got to see the top highlights in a single day. We will be taking the subway back to specific places to see more. Speaking of the subway, we are very happy to have one only a few feet from the apartment, this will be our main mode of transportation while in Milan. We did meet a few characters on the subway, one man was 70 years old and did Michael Jackson songs along with dance and even walked on his hands. :-) He was quite good too.

One of my favorite places on the tour was the Milan Cathedral, this is the most famous church and most important monument in Milan. It is the 5th largest church in the world and took centuries to complete. You can visit inside as well as on the roof. After the tour we shopped in a pedestrian only area and had lunch and people watched, including a very cool mime doing his/her thing. It was hard to tell which in that outfit. :-) I am adding the best pictures from the tour, most were taken though dirty bus windows, please excuse the spots. It was an amazing day in Milan, check back later for more.

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