Park office and entrance

the lake

nice park

we are the only ones here, those trailers are empty

great space backed up to the lake

we view the lake from our rear window.

even Josephine is happy!

we've added MI & WI

we woke up to fog on the lake

From Muskallonge Lake, MI to Crandon, WI and the Veterans Memorial Park was a nice drive, though long, at 262 miles. We shared the drive, therefore both of us got a chance to sight see the beautiful countryside.

The park was a little difficult to find so we called for directions. We are the only ones in the park this day so we had our choice of spot. Naturally we chose one where we could back up to the lake giving us a great view out our back window. We woke up to a little fog hovering on the lake water and another morning with a fall chill in the air. It’s an early fall. We can tell, as we have followed the “colour” down from Canada. Trees are turning their fall colours a full two weeks to four weeks early up here in the north.

Shortly after parking and setting up we noticed birds flitting about in the trees. We got out our bird watching gear and with in 2 hours we added 4 birds to our life list! Among the birds added are the yellow-bellied flycatcher, black-backed woodpecker and the Yellow Warbler. Wow, what a thrill!

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