Our train crossing the viaduct at Brusio ...

I was hanging out the window to capture this one.. :-)

One more.. :-)

Village views from the train..




I was happy to be in the back of the train for...

Awesome waterfalls all along the way..

Wowser alpine lakes, our guide said they are usually frozen most of...

We all went from side to side taking pictures...

The train made several stops picking up more people..

Starting to see snow on the mountains, it got a lot cooler...

Another stop, lots of hikers got on at this one..

Another awesome village..

Massive mountains..


What an incredible place to live..

Going through another tunnel..



A wowser glacier and waterfall...

Another view showing the lake below too..



Stopping in another small village..

Back on the road and more awesome glaciers..

Zoomed view..

Another zoom of the glacier..

Arriving in another village..

Another wowser alpine lake..


Love the pictures with the train..:-)


Glaciers and the lake..

Another quick stop..

Lots of people got on at this one..

Lots of cows in this area with the bells ringing around the...

What a beautiful place for the cows to graze..

Our tour guide said they all have bells with different sounds for...

Another stop..



More glaciers ...

Zoom of the top..

Another view..

And another.. :-)

Crossing a river..

Another quick stop..this looks like a popular hotel and restaurant..

The train made one more stop was a beautiful village..



We passed several more awesome villages..





Arriving in St. Moritz..

Last one..Jerry enjoying the view in St. Mortiz..check back for another update...

We had a "WOWSER" day on our tour of Switzerland. It was a long one, we left the apartment in Milan at 6 this morning and took the subway to the Visitors Center in downtown Milan. We had to meet there by 7 AM for our tour. Yikes! We made it but it was a hard trip. We are not used to getting up this early. :-) The bus took us to the train station in the town of Tirano, Italy. It was a fourteen hour tour, one of the best we have ever had. We rode the Bernina Express through the most beautiful parts of Switzerland we have ever seen.

I can't think of a better way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland and the Alps than a ride on the Bernina Express. Known as the ‘Little Red Train,’ the Bernina Express was built more than 100 years ago to scale the majestic mountain landscapes of the Swiss Alps. This historical feat of engineering still climbs up the 7,330-foot high Bernina Pass along a UNESCO World Heritage-listed route.

Our rail journey started amid the palms and oleanders of northern Italy, taking us over the spiraling viaduct at Brusio. I did my best to capture pictures of the front of the train going over the viaduct. After our awesome 2 1/2 hour train ride though the Alps, we arrived in the resort town of St. Moritz. Along the way we passed wild gorges and icy glaciers, we saw beautiful alpine lakes with huge waterfalls. Jerry and I both thought of Alaska with the massive mountains and waterfalls.

This north-south alpine crossing offers eye-catching vistas of stunning scenery from your rail car. We were able to open our window and hang out to capture incredible photographic views of the Alps. It was absolutely incredible! After the train ride we also visited the town of Saint Moritz, I am going to have to do a separate update on this stunning town in the Alps. Check back later for more from our awesome tour of Switzerland.

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