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Shoreline of Lapataia Bay

The beavers work

Viewpoint from the end of Ruta 3

Where's the pot of gold

Our main aim for today's excursion was to get to the end of the road. We caught a bus in to the National Park and decided to trek along the coastline before heading to the end of Route National 3, not quite as symbolic as Lands End or John O'Groats, but a photo op nevertheless. The day was definitely changeable, as soon as we had stripped off in the bright sun it had clouded over and started to drizzle. The walk along the coast was very pretty, but the trail was incredibly muddy and at one point I watched in horror as Danny, never one to go slow, lost his footing and teetered for what seemed an age before finally correcting himself.

One of the best sights of the day was probably the Castorera, a dam created by a colony of beavers had caused more than a metre difference in water level. Introduced by the Canadians in the 1940s they are apparently a real nuisance with no natural predators their dams are damaging the forest as they flood the rivers and suffocate the trees with all the displaced water.

The end of Route National 3 wasn't as dramatic as expected and we timed our arrival to coincide with all the belching tour buses. As we left another group had just arrived, we overheard the guide telling his charges that they had missed the rush, to which Danny responded none to quitely "bollocks."

After 6 or more hours of traipsing through mud we bused back to town and treated ourselves with a really good pizza.

Day 347 complete

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