The first thing we saw was a lot of high end stores...


Jerry and I went to the hotel to see the lake view..incredible..

The hotel was awesome too..

We enjoyed a snack on the hotel terrace..

A perfect place with an awesome view..

View of the lake..




People enjoying the lake..

Back at the shops..




Last one before heading back to the bus..

We took three escalators to get back down to the bus...

They were huge ones..



Looking back at the hotel terrace ...

The drive back was quite exciting...we were glad we had a good...


Wowser curves..


Huge waterfall, the best picture I could get from the bus..

Lake Como with the sun setting..

Lake Como..

People swimming in the lake..

Last one, our tour guide did a fabulous was a trip...

After the train journey we visited the exclusive resort of St. Moritz. We had to take three escalators to the top for all the shopping. We had free time to explore the ‘Top of the World’ before returning to Milan.

St. Moritz is a resort town in the Engadine valley in Switzerland. The highest summit in the Eastern Alps, the Piz Bernina, lies a few miles south of the town. St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948. It is a popular destination of the upper class and international jet set, as well as one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world. All the shops were very high end and fabulous.

Jerry and I went to the hotel for snacks and a view of the awesome lake. Our drive back home was quite exciting. The bus had to take the whole road just to make some of the sharp curves. I was glad we did not have to pass another bus. We also got some quick pictures of Lake Como on the ride home. The sun was about to set and I was also on the bus going really fast, I did the best I could. It was an incredible tour, one we both will remember forever. I hope you enjoy the pictures, check back later for more from Italy.

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