Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Heceta Head - View of Lighthouse from Trail

Heceta Head - Lighthouse

Heceta Head - Flowers on Heceta Trail

Heceta Head - Heceta House

Photo of Sea Lion Rock Taken Through Telescope at Heceta Head

Heceta Head- Cape Creek Bridge and Devil's Elbow Beach

Sea Lion Rock

View of Heceta Head from Sea Lion Rock Overlook

Heceta Beach - Sand Dunes

Holman Vista - Sand Dunes

Sunset at Sea Lion Cave - Whale

Sunset at Sea Lion Cave - Sea Lion Sculpture

Sunset at Sea Lion Cave

Sunset at Sea Lion Cave

Sunset at Sea Lion Cave

Today we went back to the Bridgewater Fish House for lunch before heading out to continue our exploration of the Oregon coast.

First, we drove to the Heceta (hay-SAY-tah) Head Lighthouse. With its most powerful lense on the coast, the lighthouse sends a beam 22 miles out to sea. The historic lighthouse keeper's quarters, Heceta House, is now a bed and breakfast. Access to the lighthouse and Heceta House is via a rather steep but smooth half-mile trail. We saw some whales -- or, rather, their spouts. (

Over the road to the lighthouse parking lot and Devil's Elbow Beach is the Cape Creek Bridge. It is best viewed from the beach, but I didn't go onto the beach.

A little farther south of the lighthouse is the Heceta Lighthouse Viewpoint where we had an excellent view of Heceta Head and the lighthouse.

About a mile from Heceta Head we stopped at the Sea Lion Cave but decided not to ride the elevator down to the cave because the sea lions weren't inside today. They were sunning themselves on a huge rock nearby. From the overlook we had a clear view of the sea lions, as well as of the Heceta Lighthouse. In 2006 when I visited the Cave, they were inside.

On the way home, we stopped at several overlooks and took a few photos.

About an hour before sunset we went out again to try to get some nice sunset photos over the water. We drove as far as the Sea Lion Cave, but there just wasn't a pretty sunset for us. We did see a whale surface several times, though. However, we never did see his full body.

We gave up and came back to Florence and went to Mo's for dinner.

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