Jerry about to buy our senior tickets for 28 Euros each..

It was quite a walk from the subway to reach the expo..

We saw a lot of unusual and fabulous displays..


This was a popular one, it was really hot today..

Jerry with the half car - half bird in the background..:-)

Angola, we saw over 140 countries on display..awesome!

It was almost two miles from one end of the walk to...

Still not sure what this was...:-)

Close view...

Belgium had Belgium fries and small pancakes..

Vietnam was very popular..

I tried to take pictures of as many countries as I could,...








We saw lots of farm and food related displays..


I loved all the birds on the Columbia display..





Cool bands and costumed international entertainment..



We loved Italy's row of 20 restaurants call Eataly..

They represented all parts of Italy..

They had some cool art too..

The pasta chair was really cool...:-)

Everyone was taking advantage of these unusual lounges, some were sleeping they...

We heard this one was serving horse milk... yikes, it was very...

Side view..

More unusual displays..

Closer view..









The ice cream bikes were really popular too..








We loved America..

It has vertical gardens growing on the side ...


We loved the food trucks too..


We almost ordered the BBQ..





We chose the Japanese was good but expensive..


The air conditioning was worth the cost.. :-)



Russia was really cool, the whole thing was a mirror..

View showing the people reflected below it..






Loved Switzerland too..

Walking toward the Tree of Life..loved this one, our favorite of all..


The tree is outstanding at night, check it out on youtube..



The Italian Pavilion...


We cooled off with a Coke slushy before heading back...

We loved this relaxing area of the expo..

Last one!

We finally made it to the Milan Expo today. It has been about 90 degrees here daily, they are having an unusual heat wave. It got down to 80 today, so we took advantage of the cooler weather. Our apartment is only a few steps from the subway, we bought our 10 euro ticket for our round trip, that is a great deal except for the fact it let us out for the Expo quite a long walk from the gate. The Expo is also HUGE, it would take quite a few trips to see all of it. We were very happy to at least walk it to the end and see all the countries displayed, it would take days to actually go inside and tour all of them. We did enjoy the ones we were able to visit.

With more than 150 restaurants, food & beverage corners, kiosks and street food stations, Expo Milano 2015 is the largest restaurant in the world. We had a hard time deciding what to eat, we finally chose the Japanese Restaurant, it was great but the prices were very high. We had two shrimp in our dinner and the cost each was 20 euros. I am happy to report it was delicious. We almost chose BBQ at the American display, they had food trucks serving great looking food but they lacked cool places to sit and eat in the shade. We enjoyed the air-conditioning inside the Japanese Restaurant.

Our most favorite display was the incredible Tree of Life. The Tree of Life rises to the sky, 121 feet high and is reflected in the water of the Lake Arena. It has been “planted” at the end of the Cardo, the 1,148 feet long axis that connects the north and south of the Expo Site in front of The Italian Pavilion.

The Tree of Life was created by Orgoglio Brescia , a consortium of local businesses, and fits perfectly within the great metaphor of the nursery on which the concept of the Italian Pavilion is based. It was designed by Marco Balich. The Tree of Life will be a reference point during the six months of the exhibition. It is a place to meet up and relax and a place in which to be entertained, thanks to the special effects and lighting that will bring it alive in the evenings. It is an Interactive installation that serves as a centerpiece for the activities of the Italian Pavilion. Jerry and I only got to see the water works around the tree, we didn’t stay long enough to see it at night, we did watch it on Youtube and it was incredible. I will try to add a direct link for our readers to see it too.

It was an amazing day we will never forget. Not sure if we will be making another trip back or not, hoping for some rain to cool us down a bit, maybe then. I hope you enjoy all the photos, I know I am adding a lot, but how many times does one get to go to the World Expo? We feel so blessed to have made it. Check back later for more from Italy.

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