We rode the cable car all over Milan today..


Jerry with the huge sewing machine..

The American Embassy in Milan..

One of many guards at the Embassy..

Another one, not sure what these are all about..

Another popular square in Milan..




A cool shop...


We walked to our favorite plaza in Milan by the church..


We had lunch with a view here..

Wowser view..




More wowser views..




Looking back where we had lunch..


Last one, a street entertainer playing the bottles..

This will be our last update from Milan. We enjoyed this awesome city very much. Our apartment was located right in the middle of blocks of restaurants and shops. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony and just watching all the people below, our apartment is on the third floor. Yesterday we bought all day tickets and rode the cable car all over this city. We have been doing most of our transportation by subway, this time we wanted to see everything and take pictures. It was only 4.50 euros each. We had a great time riding all over Milan. We stopped and walked around the square at the Milan Cathedral area and shopped and had lunch. I was shocked at the cost of my normal face lotion, it is $24 in the US and it was 89.00 euros here. I passed. :-)

We will be flying to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow, I can’t wait, this is a new country for both of us. We rented a cabin with sea views and can’t wait to enjoy the ocean again. We also rented a car for part of our stay there. I can’t wait to see how it feels to drive on the opposite side of the road. I am adding more pictures from our last days in Milan. Check back later for more adventures in Ireland.

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