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Final day for K& S. We had heard about a frescoe museum at Kato Livadi, so after checkout we drove there. All the opening times on the sign had been blanked out and the door was locked. A sign saying what arrangements were in place would have been quite useful! Anyway, enquires at the school over the road comfirmed that it was closed, and you could enquire at the Archaeological Museum in Hora. So we might do that tomorrow.

The back road from there to Carvounades was interesting - quite narrow and windy, but with some interesting old buildings and ruins. There was also a cemetery close to Carvounades so we might be back tomorrow to look for possible family graves - exciting huh!

We agreed to go on to Potamos for some last minute shopping and some lunch. Had a bit of difficulty getting in due to #$@&&# tourists parking in the wrong place! We first visited the Evita photographic shop. She is granddaughter of photographer Emmanouil Sophios, and there were many old photos lining the walls. It’s a shame she doesn’t allow them to be published or archived ( or both) as they show the island as it was between the 1930s - 1960’s. Some of the currently busting seaside villages were very primitive 50 years ago. The owners “grandfather” married a Chlentzos, so she is related. But not exactly sure how, and she wasn’t very interested.

We did some shopping, then stopped for lunch. The first place waved us on when we asked if they had coffee. So we stopped at Selena’s . Not much on the menu, but enough. K, J and C had tomato and onion fritters, and S had baked lamb and potatoes. Did you know that European wasps love lamb and potatoes? Well they do, and within 2 minutes S was trying to contend with a swarm of maybe 20 wasps intent on getting her lunch. In the flailing and waving, olive oil and gravy splattered onto S’s blouse! Our friend K 2 arrived for a chat, and she immediately asked if J had flipped the oil onto her. Anyway, the waitress saw what was happening and brought ove an ashtray full of burning ground coffee. Wasps aren’t big on coffee, and gradually they moved on.

Time was getting on, so we drove down towards Logothetianika to peruse the cemetery for 20 minutes. No great bombshell revelations!

We then stopped at the Cyclon petrol station to top up - J asked who was Theodoros, and a short grey haired man was pointed out. As he walked towards us J approached him and asked if he was Thedoros - “ne” . J asked if he had Chlentzos ancestors (he was sure he had) and he looked puzzled and asked “ do you want your car washed?” After a slightly better attempt by J, he said “aah, yes a lot of years back”. His name was Sophios too.

Then off to the airport and K and S dropped their hire car off. The owner had by now realised who we were related to, and was very friendly. After the formalities he gave out hugs and kisses, but J wasn’t there to capture the event with his camera!

J was approached by a man who said “ How old are you?” J was a bit taken aback. The main then said “do you know how old your tee shirt is?” It was his replica WMCA good guys tee shirt from the 1960s. J said yes he did know and the man said he was from New York where the radio station was. J asked him if he had an original, but he said no.

After awhile, checkin opened, and shortly thereafter the security station also opened. J and C farewelled K&S and left for Diakofti on the coast. We eventually found a cafe Minas Beach which was (wait for it.......) on a beach. Cold coffees as we watched mainly old, overweight people sun baking (older and more overweight!). Then back to Kapsali for a short Siesta before an evening meal.

Walked down to the restaurants at 7 and J’s cousin Manoli was there swimming - he wanted to meet with us, so we were soon at a cafe with him, his wife,then his mother, and father in law. We spent 2 hrs talking about family and showing photos. We will be keeping in touch by email and Facebook and we promised to share family information, family trees, and photos. A great evening.

Afterwards, J&C had a light appetiser meal before returning to our hotel. I had nothing as I don’t like to eat late!

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