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Trolley tour


On the sand bar to Bar Island

At the soda fountain

On top of Cadillac mountain

Lumberjack show

With "Babe" the blue ox

Today was a beautiful day, and Jean was feeling better. So, we put out our towels for towel exchange, and took the garbage to the dumpster (there is no maid service, but they do a towel exchange if requested on Tuesday only), before heading out about 9:00 to Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park. It was a nice ride out to the island.

We drove down the middle of the island to the very end and stopped at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, took a few pictures, looking at the scenery, then we continued clockwise around the island before heading over to Bar Harbor. The two lane road was not kept very well, but that was ok since we seemed to be the only car on the road as we traveled through these rural villages. Eventually the road widen and was better paved as we entered the national park area's popular sections with campers and boaters.

In Bar Harbor we found where you hopped on a city tour trolley. I dropped Jean to go get tickets while I went to find a parking spot. I was very lucky to find a free spot in the Public Parking lot nearby. (The streets in Bar Harbor are very narrow and the town was very busy with those damn tourists like us.)

We then hopped on the trolley for the 1/2 hour tour. There wasn't a lot of people for this trolley tour, so the guide said as we boarded for everyone to take a separate seat. Our guide was very good with his humor and was very knowledgeable about the "cottages" of the wealthy, restaurants, history, and sites of Bar Harbor.

After the tour, Jean wanted to return to the car to look at her information before we walked the town. Well, even though I was standing by the passenger door looking bored, I still had to let five cars know that "No, we are not leaving" while I waited. Hey, we had a primo spot.

We then walked over to the Post Office to find Bar Harbor's International Sculpture. We found it! It was entitled "Tension". On the our guide pointed out Bridge Street and we could see that it was low tide. During low tide, the sand bar that runs from the bottom of Bridge Street to Bar Island is exposed and becomes very walkable.

So we walked down Bridge Street to the water line. We joined hundreds of others and walked on the sand bar (you may also drive it) over to Bar Island. It was about a mile in each direction. The walk was very rocky, with a little sand along the edges. Many were just walking, but others were swimming and sunbathing.

We walked back into town to find the West End Drug Company (Rexall drugstore) that still had an old fashion soda fountain. It was about 12:30, so I had a 1/2 egg salad on wheat sandwich (it came with pickles and a bag of chips) with a Vanilla Coke.

Now, for the Vanilla Coke, she took the glass, poured in the vanilla syrup, and then poured in the Coca Cola syrup before adding the seltzer and stirring the concoction and placing it in front of me. (This was just like it was done when I would get a cherry Coke at the Busy Bee newsstand growing up.) Jean had an Egg Cream to drink, which she hasn't seen on a menu in decades.

We then walked back to the car and headed out to the Visitors Center in Acadia National Park. Well, after you park, you go on a hike climbing multiple stairs to get from the parking lot up to the center! We hit the WC, then went in to see a 10 minute movie about the park.

After the movie, we drove up slowly (25 mph because of the continuous curves) Cadillac Mountain to see the view of the island and its surroundings. Quite a beautiful vista taking in more than a 180 degree view, although it was foggy in the distance. We took the Park Loop Road through the park, seeing all of the sites and the myriad people parked all over. Most of the 27 mile road is two lanes, but one way. You are able to park in the right lane, which many, many people do to go hiking, to the beach, or to take pictures. The road follows along the coast and through the forests.

We returned to the Villa about 4:30. Jean had her leftover pizza and salad for dinner. I went out and got a chicken sandwich meal from Wendy's. At 6:20 we went down to the wine and cheese party in the clubhouse. Then we left at 6:40 to go see a show.

We decided to hit the 7:00 showing of "The Great Maine Lumberjack Show." (As seen on ESPN.) This show featured: Axe throwing. Log Rolling. Underhand Chopping. Power Hot Sawing. Obstacle Pole Relay. Crosscut Sawing. Pole Climbing, etc. There were two teams, red and green, to cheer along in the competition. The announcer was a young lady who was also part of the green team. It was fun and you actually learned about logging and their tools.

As we left the show it had begun to rain a little, but it didn't stop us from stopping for some ice cream! I tried the blueberry soft serve cone. I got a medium sized cone. Boy, it was so big (about 3" high) I would hate to see a large cone. I asked them for a cup to hold my cone while I drove. We returned to the villa to enjoy our ice cream and relax.

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