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Packed up in Richland and ready to head out for the day

Pass number 7, it didn't even have a name!! But it counts...

This mountain kept peeking out in the distance, don't know the name...

It finally revealed itself in all of its splendor as well as...

We were near a very small settlement, Halfway

The sign confirms we were on the Hells Canyon Scenic Highway

We followed Pine Creek most of the way down, it was just...

Pine Creek looking back upstream from the direction we just came down

We met Bri and her Dad Kelly, traveling and riding bicycles anywhere...

We climbed up and over Oxbow Dam and followed the Snake River...

Idaho Power maintains several campgrounds along the Snake River and the Oxbow...

Huge mature trees offering shade and relief from the hot sun, and...

The Snake River, don't know what the temperature of the water was,...

Pretty scenes in the campground, McCormick Park

McCormick Park Campground

This will be a short one because it was a short day!! A fun day but a short one! The sun was out this morning!! Hooray! First time in a while the day started with sunshine, it was so easy to pack up camp!

Right out of the chute we went straight up! A silly pass that no one even bothered to name, but it was about 3,800 ft, a great way to kick off the day!

From the top we could see the most beautiful range of snow capped mountains, never figured out the name of it but i will keep looking! As we descended into the bottom of the valley and all the hills disappeared the whole mountain was revealed as it loomed over the lush green valley floor and little settlement of Halfway! It made me feel as if we could be in Switzerland! Absolutely beautiful. It started me thinking again about life. Cities,traffic, things that amuse us in society like tv, possessions you know what i mean. It just appealed to me to live the simple life as they must do in this setting! Of course I know nothing about how people really live here, but it looks pretty idyllic to me!!

I truly am amazed how the landscape continues to change constantly and seems to challenge me in ways to describe what is unfolding in front of us. All the same ingredients; flowing rivers, rising mountains, grassy, rocky landscapes capped by endless blue sky, but no 2 miles are the same.

We did have to fight a wind that mostly pushed back at us head on all day. It changed as we weaved our way in and out of canyon walls, but mostly a headwind and it even made us work harder than we wanted to to get downhill. But it was all beautiful, the roads smooth and we moved along quite well!

No set destination was in place when we left this morning, just having to hope for the best and find something as we chugged along. Approaching Oxbow, which we knew to be a spot to stop for any provisions to stock up on in the event we ended up in a Forest Service Campground. We stopped and were approached by two friendly faces that came from a car we noticed had passed us, they had bicycles on top!

And that is how the next hour passed! We chatted with Kelly and Brianna, father and daughter riding duo, taking a month off to travel and ride! So awesome! Bri is planning on doing a long distance trip, and you all know we are only too happy to share the benefit of our experience and encourage others to undertake the adventure! We chatted for so long and then Kelly mentioned the magic word . . ." I have 4 ice creams waiting inside for us all!"" How could you refuse such a kind offer?? So we ate ice cream and chatted some more! The highlight of the day! thanks Kelly and Bri for making it such a great stop and please do write! I want to know all about you summer and your bicycle adventure! thanks for the ice cream!!

As much as we enjoyed it, we got back on the road, not having really had any lunch other than a 1 and 1/2 pound scoop of ice cream! Of course you probably guessed it, we turned right off the main road as our maps instructed us and it went . . . Straight up!! Oh darn. We should have had a bit more to eat!

Luckily it wasn't too long, just very hot but it did have me worried since we didn't know how much further we had to go for the day, was it all going to be like this? There wasn't a campground for another 12 miles!!

But it leveled out as we now followed the Snake River! We are still in the Oregon side of the river, and we followed it for the 12 miles just as we were advised before we found a campground. The Idaho Power has several campgrounds along the river. '

It is a lovely campground! McCormick Park, wonderful camp hosts, the camp is full of families and children playing games in the green grassy area, fishing boats in and out even people swimming in the river! A sunny spot with friendly people ready to share a conversation! this is why we do this! So fun!

Well, had to make it short. Just not enough power to load my photos, so will catch up tomorrow, they are beautiful!

Love to everyone, tomorrow we enter Idaho just as we leave the park and cross the river to the other side!

Can't close without setting the scene, it is dark now, kids are still playing volley ball, (don't know how! They are kids!) the smoke is wafting thru the park from various campfires, crickets are chirping and the guy next door is quietly strumming his cigar box guitar,it is the most wonderful and mesmerizing relaxing sound!

Good night!!

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