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Well our last day has come and we are still trying to get Don's prescription issues resolved. He is out of meds, so I am back on the phone. This time I found someone who could get the correct script called in and we were in business! I thought. It was still not right when we went to pick it up, so the pharmacist and I were back on the phone. Meanwhile, we were planning to have dinner with Jeanne, Mike, Jen and Marc for our last night. I finally got a call that the prescription was ready, with just enough time for us to pick it up before meeting everyone for dinner.

Jeanne wanted Mexican, so we met at Pancho Villa for dinner. Don and I were ready for a drink, beer and a marguerita for me, with some chips and excellent salsa. When Marc and Jen arrived they immediately ordered a beer and were served 2 giant beers. Marc regaled us with stories from his day (both he and Jen are teachers, but in different schools) while we waited to order.

Before we left, Jen shared an absolutely hysterical cat video on her phone. Then we had to say goodbye to everyone. So sad. But overall it was a good week with my mom doing as well as can be expected and Jeanne on the road to recovery from her hip surgery.

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