Unfinished Business - Fall/Winter - 2017/8 travel blog

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could be us

An uneventful drive took us through California desert to Quartzsite, about twenty miles east of the CA/AZ border. We usually come to this nowhere place for the RV show with will occur in a few weeks and doesn't fit into our schedule. When we first came here we couldn't believe our eyes, but after a few visits it seems much more normal. It always feels weird to drive off the road and into the desert and park our rig on any convenient spot, but that's what you do here. The price is right! Boondocking and living on the cheap is the name of the game. This is an opportunity to exercise our generator and have a campfire with s'mores, before we return to more civilized spots further east. We were glad to see that "The Readers Haven," a used book store, is still here. I wonder if its naked proprietor is still alive. He looked like a very old man when we first came here twelve years ago.

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