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North East Group

Patty, Bev, Pat, Patty and Ron

Jeff, Anita, Patty and Tom

Tom, Bev, Pat, Patty, Ron and Annie


Evanston Ave House

Former Villa Maria College

Our usual RV park in North East is Lakeview on route 5 and the PA/NY border. But this time we were only able to book three nights there, so I booked four nights at the KOA several miles to the east of Lakeview on route 5. I thought it would be good to have seven days in which to see friends and relatives.

As it turned out, we saw everyone in two days. On the first night we joined a group of friends for dinner and bingo at the local Moose Club. The group included fellow 1960 graduates of North East High and their wives – Bruce and Peggy Campbell, Dave and Brenda Darling, and Terry and Linda Henderson. It looked like no one was going to win at bingo, but Brenda scored in the last game.

The second night was the cousin get together. The King family, offspring of my mother’s sister, Irene, and her husband, Ray includes five siblings. Four of them live in and around Erie. We weren’t sure that everyone was going to make it so the plan was to just meet up without any provisions for food. I decided that we needed something so I picked up a bunch of cold cuts at the local store. As it turned out everyone made it and everyone brought food and/or drink. We were also joined by my mother’s brother’s son Ron Delporto, who brought wine. We had way too much food.

So the jolly group consisted of Bev and Pat Fetzner, Patty and Jeff Schultz (later joined by their son, Matt), Gary and Patty King, Tom King and Anita, and Ron Delporto. One of the key conversation topics was the recent trip that many in the group had taken to the Delporto ancestral home in Italy where they met a couple relatives.

On Friday we moved to the Westfield KOA where we had a satellite-friendly site but with no sewer. Sue’s bursitis issue seems to be getting worse and is severely limiting her activity. We were able to drive from the KOA into Erie in search of an herb that Sue takes. It took a couple stops, but we finally found it. We took advantage of the opportunity to visit Sue’s college campus (now a retirement home) and my childhood home on Evanston Ave. in Millcreek.

Today we head for Bettum’s in Lewis Run.

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