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Carpe Diem at the Cody Wal*Mart

Rock formation on US 20 NW of Casper

Beautiful river canyon south of Thermopolis

Red Hills on US 20 south of Thermopolis

Thermopolis Wyoming

At Thermopolis we picked up WY 120 west to Cody

Welcome to Cody

Sat, 26 Aug: A beautiful day for a drive...

After three days of "vegging" in Glenrock it was time to hit the road again. A big part of what we did during our "down time" was figure out where to go next. We're sorta at loose ends right now with three weeks to "kill" before we have to head into the furnace of Greater Phoenix.

After discussion we decided to revisit West Yellowstone. We love that area and the high elevation and cool temperatures appeal to us. So this morning we started on what should be a two day drive from Glenrock to West Yellowstone.

We got everything ready for the road, topped up our fresh water tank, dumped our holding tanks, connected the car, and off we went. Actually, we managed to get moving just a few minutes before nine. Maybe we weren't that swift after all.

Bob drove thru Glenrock and hopped on I 25 north toward Casper. At the west side of Casper we left the Interstate for US 20 which heads northwest toward Cody. But first, a quick stop at the Ghost Town Fuel station to top up our diesel tank. Carpe took 43 gallons of that liquid gold and we then continued northwest toward Shoshoni. We pulled into a closed weight station just east of town for lunch and driver change.

A bonus! We discovered that tho the scales were "closed" they were still operating and we could see the weight display thru the windows of the shed. So, Carpe Diem got weighed. We are pretty much OK but will need to move some stuff from one side of the coach to the other. We're happy...

Following lunch Sandi took the helm and continued northwest on US 20. North of Shoshoni we passed Boyton State Park and then entered the Wild River Canyon. This is a beautiful canyon created by the Big Horn River. The road kept Sandi occupied but Bob was able to get some nice pix.

Once clear of the canyon we reached Thermopolis, where we left US 20 and headed west on Wyoming 120. Another hour brought us to Cody, where we got to drive thru the bustling downtown. Today there was an old car show and Sandi had to exercise a great deal of discipline to keep her eyes on the road.

On the west end of town we pulled into the WalMart parking lot a bit before three and found an out of the way spot to spend the nite. While Bob got permission to stay and did some shopping Sandi got the coach leveled and set up.

Today's run was 241 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8 mpg.

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