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A new route through the Pair O' Knees

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Monday 22nd May.

After only a few hours sleep we managed to get up and start our homeward last hour's short drive to BellaVista.

Arrived about 11am and crashed out.

Tuesday lunchtime, we had a nice surprise. Dave, plus Barb & John turned up! We didn't think we'd see them again so soon, if ever, but they knew we were going back to base for a short debriefing before heading north and thought they'd re-join us, which was lovely. They'd stayed at Essaouira for another day then travelled together to get the ferry, luckily without complications, on the Tuesday morning.

We had a quiet few days then, although busy every morning until it got too hot to work, trying to get rid of all the sand. It has made all the roof windows seize up, the squeaking and complaining when we try to open and close them is awful. The satellite dish just will not work at all. The steps groan and judder each time put up and down. Luckily we don't use the extractor fan in the ceiling above the kitchen, it's just full of sand. But we had a tip from an ex soldier who had been in the deserts in Iran - a dry toothbrush is the only way to clean the sand out of all the tiny parts on a gun. Can't be bothered right now to be honest it's a massive task, but will try during the summer at home in Scotland.

A final evening in Duquesa at the weekend, then watching the Grand Prix with Steve and Jade on Sunday afternoon, followed by a get together of all seven of us in the evening, (Roy made a lovely curry) finished off our Moroccan adventure.

Monday 29th May.

Said goodbye again and got as far as just south of Madrid, Puerto Lapice Aire. Next day on to Medinaceli, using a route we'd not travelled on for the most part.

Wednesday, used the motorway to Huesca then took the mountain road to Ainsa, which is in the "Prettiest Villages in Spain" book. But it was raining and looked pretty dismal. Walked round the village in the rain with Blue, back to the Lady for tv and dinner. Car park allows parking overnight, we think, so we stayed along with 4 or 5 other m'homes.

Thursday 1st June.

An earlyish start north to Bielas, the Pyrenees and France through a long tunnel. Absolutely stunning scenery, and another new route for us. On to Auch via a straight road, carrying on to Agen.

Reached Cancon by early evening, still very hot, but we'd stayed here before and it is shady. Hot all night, but cooled drastically at 5 am.

Off north again, to reach our favourite Aire at Ste Maure de Touraine, Le Bois De Chaudron. Stayed 2 nights so we could take Blue to the local vet here for his tablet and examination to stamp his passport.

Sunday 4th June.

Away north towards Rouen. Sun shining again, and it's a nice drive, no lorries on Sundays.

From here we'll go to Coquelles before getting the shuttle on Tuesday.

Looking forward to seeing family and friends again, and hoping for a better summer in Scotland than the last two years! That's all for now.

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