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Fly Fishing in Big Creek Yukon

Bison Herd on Hwy near Liard Hot Springs

Bison close up

Muncho Lake in Muncho Provincial Park

Up close with a Raven

August 6th, 7th and 8th

About half an hour down the hwy from Watson Lake, after our last update, I realised I’d left my phone back at the visitor’s centre. Good thing it was only half an hour back and that someone had turned it in!!!! We are heading to Liard Hot springs for 2 days to take a slightly longer break and it is hot outside. Some of you have expressed concern that there has been no talk of Bill fishing. Well he did get to do some fishing in the Yukon although not as much as he might have liked. No big catches to report yet! I have attached one photo of him on Big Creek just outside of Watson Lake. We are now driving in the northern Rocky Mountains. These are older mountains …not as many high jagged peaks. The forest is much more diverse and thicker as soon as you star dipping south on the Alaska hwy. This stretch of road is known for its Bison herds and we were not disappointed. It is amazing they are not hit by cars more often as they frequently stepped out into the road as they walked along side. Finally to Liard and the first thing we do is get into the hot springs which are in this wonderful natural setting (no concrete pools here) and they are hot! Even the cooler pools are warm. You can’t stay in for long. Because we are here for 2 nights we have a relaxing time and get to enjoy them often; even the last morning before we leave we take the time for one last dip. Walking back to our campsite there is a big bull moose standing in the marsh about 100 feet off the path. We did not have our camera with us so no photos this time but we had lots of time to stand and watch him leisurely eat. We continue the hwy south towards Fort Nelson. The Northern Rockies have a very similar feel to the mountain ranges in the Yukon. There are numerous viewpoint stops; Muncho Lake is one and another is the summit of the Alaska hwy at Stone Mountain. You can see for great distances over rolling mountains. We stopped for the night about 100 kms before Fort Nelson at the first Regional campground we have tried. It was excellent and we hope to try more. Thunder clouds gathered not long after we stopped and by early evening a loud thunder storm and wet weather sent us inside to read. We have arrived in Fort Nelson to send this update and look after a few chores.

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