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RV Repairs Completed

This morning I attended the J.O.Y. fellowship luncheon at my church. There were only a few present because of illnesses and other issues but we had a nice visit with each other. We had three kinds of pizza, a garden salad and some cookies. Our Fine Arts Director, Mary Ellen, led a sing-along. She played the piano and three young fellows played an upright bass, a guitar and a drum. It was fun.

This afternoon Rick came to finish the roof maintenance job he had started several days ago. He also replaced the seals on the refrigerator doors. Now I have to leave the doors shut and the refrigerator turned off for 48 hours to allow the seals to set properly. That means eating out several more meals or having something with no leftovers.

He also replaced the fluorescent light above the kitchen sink. Even though the new one was the same replacement style, it wouldn’t fit in the opening; it was too wide. The manufacturer had changed the specifications but re-used the same part number. Rick had to widen the opening with his little saw. I was very glad to have a light there again.

Last on the list was checking my inverter. I didn’t know where it was installed; I had never seen it. I had previously checked all the relevant papers in my Lazy Daze folder but the user manual was the only thing there. The inverter was an optional extra that the original owner had bought. Rick called Lazy Daze and they were able to tell him where it was installed. It’s no wonder I had never seen it; it is under the refrigerator! I’ll need to buy a new inverter but most of the cost should be covered by my extended warranty. As a reminder for the future, I made a note on the user manual about its location.

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