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Chickens outside Winnie this morning

Ringo keeping an eye on the chickens

Entering the park

Mammoth Cave National Park Visitors Center

Entrance to Mammoth Cave for the Domes & Drips Tour

Listening to the history of Mammoth Cave in one of the big...

What is looked like after they turned out the lights

Going down the stair to see Niagara Falls

Close to Niagara Falls

Some of the stalactites

Some flow stones

More flow stones with "draperies"

Looking down into Emerald Lake

Somebody left a feather behind in the post

Colorful leaf when you look down

Green River Ferry

Canoe at the ferry crossing

The deer are tame in the park

Kentucky hunting lodge

We visited Mammoth Cave National Park today and signed up for one of the tours, Domes and Dripstones. It's a 2 hour tour through domes and pits, large trunk passageways, and dripstone formations. It included Frozen Niagara, a large flowstone formation that looks like a frozen waterfall. The tour was only about 3/4 mile, but included over 500 stairs. Mammoth is the longest cave system in the world with over 400 miles of know passage ways. It not as spectacular as some of the other caves we've visited because much of it is dry and there are no dripstone/flowstone formations in much of the area we walked through today. The tour we did today was different than the one I did when I visited in 2010. On that tour we went into the cave by the Historical Entrance which is currently closed for some repair and renovations.

The Green River bisects the park. In order to cross it you need to use one of the two ferries. We drove to the Green River Ferry location to check it out. It's small with only enough room for a couple of cars at a time. It has a weight limitation so most Class A motorhomes would not be able to cross on the ferry. Since this is the off-season for the park, I was surprised at the amount of traffic crossing today. There were about 15 or 20 cars crossing in about a half-hour. I can't imagine what it's like in the summer.

We'll continue our trip home tomorrow. This is probably the last extended stop as Sue is ready to be home. She's like the horse that's seen the barn at the end of a trail ride - straight to the barn with no delays. Stay tuned.

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