Steve and Connie's Alaska Roadtrip 2015 travel blog

Haines Highway viewpoint

Lake Kluane

Mt Sanford (I think) in the snow

Haines waterfront

Yesterday and today were travel days. We are now in Haines, AK, and will catch the ferry through the inside passage in a couple of days. These roads are very tiring, taking a toll on both human and vehicle. Luckily, though, we have had no flat tires or similar problems. It certainly could have been a lot worse. The Alaska Highway was built by the US army in a few months in 1942 in an effort to protect a US territory from possible invasion. From what I understand, it has been under construction every year since then. The road is built on permafrost, and the same thing that happened to the buildings in Dawson happens to the highway every year.

Just outside of Anchorage, we came across a stretch of highway that had very tall poles with right angle bends in them that turned in over the road. We were trying to figure out if they were lights, but saw no way of electrifying them. They were close to 15 feet high, and lined the highway on both sides. Turns out they were snow plow markers. Apparently, the plows need to be guided on BOTH SIDES by 15 foot tall markers so they can find the road! How much snow is that?!

Steve and I do not agree on everything, but we agree that if we could award one highway "best of show" it would be the Haines highway between Haines AK and Haines Junction YT. Not only will that road leave your dental work in place, unlike practically all of the other roads in the Yukon or Alaska, it has fabulous scenery - mountains, glaciers, gorgeous lakes, wildflowers, Alpine meadows, wildlife. It is probably the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, with the possible exception of some Pacific coast roads. We will try to post some pix, but it is hard to get the best ones because of road conditions. You risk your life if you stop on some of these roads lol. After Haines, we are heading home. Looking forward to seeing old friends.

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