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An old building outside of Plush Oregon

Geyser in Lakeview Oregon

Another view of the geyser on property of Hunters Lodge

Going over the mountains and Freemont National Forest

Roadside rest area and a quick swim

A pretty mountain stream

We have been having a quiet week. reading, relaxing, drives up the mountain to look for critters and cell signal and I made a basket. We finally hit some warm temps and both are sporting sunburns now! We took a little drive to civilization.

The nearest town is 10 miles away, and that is Plush Oregon. They have a few houses and a general store. It supposedly has a population of 100 but the density is one person for square mile, and we did not see but maybe 10 houses. Supposedly it got its name in the 1880s when some cowboys were playing cards with a Paiute Indian, who could not pronounce Flush, but when excited about his hand he said “Plush! Plush!” instead. The name stuck. The store clerk was a nice man who has been there for at least 53 years.

Further down the road, and over some more mountains, through the Fremont National Forest another 45 miles or so is the “city” of Lakeview. Wow! Civilization! This is touted as the “tallest” city in Oregon, being at an elevation of 4800 feet. It has a population of 2294 people. There is a perpetual geyser in town. Every 90 seconds it shoots about 100 feet in the air. The story goes that there are hot springs there, and in 1923, when the owner of the land decided to drill to improve the hot springs, he created this geyser. It has been going off ever since.

We had some lunch at a small cafe and stopped at a Rock Shop. There we learned about Oregon Sunstone which is found near Hart Mountain. Hmmm sounds like a road trip!

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