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Sun, 07 Jun: A sea day and now we're in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Friday evening we departed Wrangell and headed "outside" for the run to Victoria. Outside means we were in the Pacific Ocean rather than the "inside" passage. Folks were concerned that it would be rough, but to be honest we hardly noticed any motion at all. A very smooth passage.

Yesterday, Saturday, was a sea day and it was amusing to notice how many folks didn't know what to do with themselves. We kept busy with trivia, reading, and of course, Happy Hour. We dined at the Polo Lounge for the third time this cruise. Another couple from our trivia team joined us and we had a most enjoyable evening. Too much food, but that's the way it is.

This morning we had the final trivia of the voyage early, 0945. We came in second with three Big-O points per player. The six we won took our total for the voyage to 72, thanks a large part to Bob's winning the daily quiz every day of the cruise. Big-O point redemption took place right after trivia and our 72 points got us two T-shirts with two points left over to share with teammates.

We arrived at Victoria BC around noon. Oceania is supposed to be the cruise line that provides included port to city center shuttles. Well, they lie! No shuttle today, unless you want to cough up $10 per person. We opted to stay aboard... We waited until the herd left the ship, enjoyed a quiet lunch, and then spent a delightful time in the "thermal suite" spa, steam room, and showers. Didn't help Sandi's cold much, but the aching bones are happier.

Yes, Sandi managed to snag a cold a few days back and she's hacking and sneezing like mad. She seems to always take away more from a cruise than she brought. Selfish gal that Sandi... And the aching bones? That's from our bed, which is not at all back friendly. We both wake up with sore backs. We're really looking forward to our Sleep Number bed.

Today is the last day of the cruise. We'll depart Victoria at 2300 tonite and head back to Seattle. We should be there by dawn and, if all goes to plan, be ashore by 0900. Our car is parked right across the road from the cruise port so we'll be back in Dinky soon thereafter. We hope we miss rush hour traffic.

South 120 miles to Chehalis where we'll extract Carpe Diem from storage and start getting things back to "normal".

Next postings should be back on the "hard" in our motorhome... Stay tuned!

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