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It's getting harder to remember what day of the week & which day of the month it is as time goes by. We certainly don't get bored with new sights & places to visit every day. This is the first full day of our return trip home via the East coast of Italy, not so many famous cities & places of interest but our guide books indicate some places that look promising. The plan is to head along the coastline around the 'foot' & 'heel' of Italy & then all the way up the Eastern seaboard stopping off at any places that look interesting & including a visit to the tiny country of San Marino, which is tucked away in Italy on a mountain top somewhere along our way.

It was a nice sunrise over the sea beside our free camp site this morning & the road along the coast was nice & easy, flatter & wider than the roads on Sicily, even through the towns along the way. Only one small problem with Ethel when she tried to take us round a roundabout that wasn't there, but we soon got on track again. However the rain set in again mid morning & got heavier as the day progressed.

On two occasions during our drive today convoys of ten or more police or carabinieri cars with lights flashing & horns blaring shot passed us in the opposite direction at high speed. Viv later found out from the Internet that there had been major police operations against the Mafia in Rome & around our area. Must have been what the convoys we saw were doing.

And still it rained. We stopped in one small coastal town while I went hunting for a geocache round the back of another castle. This was a really nice old castle right down on the shore & with a bit of scrambling over rocks I did find the cache at the rear of the castle.

Once we got to our site for the night we just had a late lunch & hunkered down to catch up with emails & news via the nice free wifi internet connection. The rain continued on till late in the evening with a bit of thunder & lightning & once it stopped the wind got up so we rocked a bit.

Mileage today - 157

Total Mileage to date - 2,850

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