Road Trip 2013 travel blog

Nicki & Greg's new home!

Sadi riding yep the dirt bike!

Faith riding her bike!

Tallon on his skate board!

Kaiden on his dirt bike!

The demolition crew!

Kaiden makes the throw!

Tallon scores!

The last game!

Camped out with Papa & Nana!

Left Treasure Isle RV park at 8:00 after dumping the tanks.

We arrived at Nicki's around 9:00 am, Nicki was at the vets with Rudy.

We got the tour of Nicki and Greg's new house.

Joan helped Nicki with the old sewing machine and fixed some shorts for the girls. The girls made purses!

At 5:30 we all headed to Tallon and Kaiden's baseball game. It was their last game so they received awards and had a pizza party afterwards. After all was finished we headed home for pizza and a drink! We sat and talked for a while before heading out to the camper with our two guests Faithie and Kaiden for the night.

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