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All set for the Katherine Gorge cruise

Some rock art on the walk between the two gorges

Even in the dry season the gorge can be up to 30...

A freshie sunning itself

Impressive vertical rock walls - just stay where you are for a...

It's hard to get too stressed on these cruises


Today we made the drive back into Katherine and then out to the gorge for the 2 gorges cruise we'd booked yesterday.

Katherine Gorge is actually a series of 13 gorges carved out of the ancient sandstone by the determined Katherine River. The tour boats can get into the first three of them and if you hire a canoe you can get up to about number 7 or 8. We took the two gorge cruise rather than three option (neither is particularly cheap!).

It was another spectacular day (well, two hours actually) of taking in scenery that we've seen so many pictures or footage of before. It's amazing to think how much time over the last couple of weeks we've spent being awed by, and trying to photograph, rocks! The kids had a good time, though as much from having a boat ride as from the specific location. We caught sight of a couple of freshies, though only smallish ones.

Amazing to think, yet again, of the time over which these natural formations have come into their present state. In this case, the rocks were being formed 1650 million years ago! Then the weathering and carving of a course for the river over many more hundreds of millions of years. Even so it's hard not to think, as the boat occasionally cruises right up beside the towering vertical rock walls, that today could be the day when another few thousand tons of rock come crashing down ...

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