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Day 26 of our pleasure – Monday 22 April 2013

Arckaringa Station (Painted Desert) – Coober Pedy

Today we packed up along with an unbearable amount of flies. We went back to the Painted Desert and did the walk through it and up to many look outs. It certainly had beautiful views. I said a couple of days ago that I suspected that we would have no more dirt roads but that information was wrong, we headed on more dirt roads to get to Coober Pedy.

We drove through Moon Plains, which is just really flat land of nothing. We also drove through the Breakaways and walked around. I saw the dog fence again, now we have seen this fence in NSW, SA and Qld. It used to be the rabbit proof fence then the dingo fence and now it is the wild dog proof fence.

On the outskirts of town there are millions of piles of dirt, these are called mullock heaps. They are the dirt and rock that has been excavated out of the mine shafts. You are not allowed to refill mine shifts as it would be dangerous if someone else comes along and mines under the old shaft as it could collapse on them.

We finally arrived at Coober Pedy. Lots of popel we had talked to in our travels recommended ‘Stuart’s Caravan Park’, so we went straight there and set up. Coober Pedy is a very interesting town that is famous for mining opal. Apparently this town supplies 75 percent of the world’s opal.

We had lunch in the camp kitchen with no flies. This camp kitchen is a very fancy camp kitchen with a TV in it and lounges. After a lovely lunch we headed into town.

First we went to look at the Serbian church but we didn’t end up going in as it was going to cost $20 but we did go to the underground Catholic Church for free. Here it was very pretty and unique.

Then we raced over to mine tour place. Here we learnt how they look for opal and what they do

with it once they find it. We also got to go in a mine and see an underground house that was made by a hand pick. Now days they use machinery.

We went to the hospital to try and get Alex a medicine script but we didn’t get out as this scary dog was in front of the hospital.

Apparently there is a really good pizza place in town so we decided we would get a pizza for dinner however when saw the price we had another think about it. When we were at the shops we decided we would buy 3 frozen pizzas, garlic bread and a salad instead.

Next we headed for the “Big Winch” which is a lookout over town. We got a surprise when we were driving up to the lookout we saw the Atkins car. We went up to the lookout and went back to the caravan park and found the Atkins had set up in the same caravan park, “what a coincidence’, it wasn’t goodbye at Uluru after all!

I couldn’t let a swim go by even though it was cold outside and in the pool, so I went for a swim and did laps. I convinced Alex to join me too.

After a very nice pizza dinner, we stayed in the camp kitchen and caught up with things.

We also said goodbye to the Atkins..again!

Unfortunately we didn’t see anything of a meteorite shower that was predicted to happen that night.

That was a jam full day.

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