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From Freiburg we turn east towards Villingen on the eastern edge of the Black Forest ( area. It was to prove to be one of the best drives we had done so far. (,+Germany&daddr=Villingen-Schwenningen,+Germany&hl=en&geocode=FQJh3AIdx9Z3ACll1gtWJhuRRzGwV9-lt2sfBA%3BFV5E3QIdKBeBACl5c1zpZpaQRzGgid-lt2sfBA&mra=ls&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=22.605904,56.513672&ie=UTF8&ll=48.010138,8.157349&spn=0.525514,1.766052&z=9)

What a truly magic drive it turned out to be. we turned off the main highway onto a road less traveled. A narrow alpine road which wound its way up the valleys and ridges (highest point reached today was 1010meters)and across high alpine plains. This is what we were looking for throughout the Alps - thick blankets of snow covering the fields, rivers gushing with snow melt, farmhouses with steeply pitched roofs covered in snow. The landscape was quite surreal - no signs of life anywhere, just an endless view of fog and snow with the occasional stands of forest trees with their branches covered in snow. Navigator Julie & I are quite enchanted with the whole scene. Quite simply, the highlight of our driving experience so far.

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