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Having a little trouble with my Verison hotspot Wifi it'll work great for several minutes than the signal crashes. It's worked really well till this campground. They all have free wifi and there's a reason for that, no one would pay for it.

Yesterday we went to the RT 66 museum at the Powerhouse. It was $3 for 3 museums at the senior rate. What I loved about this one was it had pictures and vehicles from the migration via Rt 66 to Califonia after the stockmarket crash. I really had no idea the amount of people who left their homes to travel west, that California didn't want them, and how many died in route. The photos were heart breaking. Another part of American history that I want to learn more about. Reading Stienbeck's "Grapes of Wrath" again,voluntarily, will be a good start. Over at the Mahave Museum were some things of interest too. A diplay with pictures, and items from 2 sisters who were taken by the Apaches and adopted into the tribe. Hisory of ranching and mining with a room of stuffed animals and birds. No an Elk wasn't one of them. Dick will probably see his first one at the San Diego zoo. There was suppose to be an Octoberfest going on in the park but we saw no veinersnitzel or even a beer.

Yes, we went to Bingo. The people were very nice and at half time they drew out a ticket for a king or queen. It was Dick's number, so they asked him for his favorite Bingo number. Which turns out to be B4, who knew? Anyway they called it 5 times in the second half which entitled him to free Bingo sheets. $25 worth in all. So you guessed it we are returning tonight to use them. Long live King B4!!!

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