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We had such a good day yesterday that Dick is still in a conference with his pillow. The drive out to the Safari park was scenic and we were sure we'd driving into deepest, darkest California. After parking in the over sized vehicle lot we had to walk up the mountain sidewalk. It took about 20 minutes but with calves on fire we made it. Later in the day we found out there was a shuttle service. The park is large and our entry fee was covered by our seasonal zoo pass. Included in the entry fee was the African safari tram. We were told it was a 20 minute walk across the park but after more inquires I was told to go to the ranger station. They then drove us to the tram by driving behind the enclosures where we saw the elephants close up and personal. The tram ride is literally like driving through a wildlife TV show. It lasted about 45 minutes and is spectacular. The one for the Asian side was sold out so we didn't see anymore of that side of the park. The baby Rhino looked like a big stuffed animal. The walk back to the entrance was slow but the gorilla enclosure was worth it. They were being fed and it was hard to move on. I would recommend that anyone who is in the area visit the park.Truly a wonderful way to see the animals. If I were an elephant in captivity it's where I would want to be, with hundreds of acres to roam, and others of my kind.

The Valley View casino was next. The GPS had us on our way. The drive took us through some great small cities and then up a mountain that kept advertising there were no guard rails. Speed limit signs were 25 mpg and after breath taking views and stomach flips we arrived. It was true all we had to do was sign up for their club card and we each received a free all you can eat lobster buffet. It was at 4pm an you could line up at 3pm. So we had an hour to plan a few slots. Usually this would have paid in full for our supper but I was even and Dick was about $120 to the good when we lined up " for an hour". It proved the saying there is NO free lunch. Long story short the meal was the best we've had. The lobster was perfect and Dick said the pecan pie was the best he'd ever had. The drive home was filled with talk of putting on our fat pants as soon as we hit the door.....and we did.

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