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Jersey and Jazz

This morning we had a visit with Babs and Ken, parents of our cottage owner. Ken had a Breton granny and was raised on the British island of Jersey, just off the coast of France. Ken was born in 1933 and he was on the island as a schoolboy during the German occupation. He clearly remembers running down to his Granny's and hiding in the basement the day the Germans bombed the harbour. His Granny was very annoyed as the blasts blew out the windows of her house and she was out in the street sweeping up the glass as the planes went over.

His Dad was an essential worker for the gas company which designated him as a stoker so that he was not taken from the island by the Germans. As his Dad knew that his bike would have been confiscated, his Dad dismantled it, greased it with Vaseline, and stored it in pieces in the attic for the duration of the war. He reassembled it after the war and used it for many years.

We (mostly Pierre) tried to get the three bikes under the house operational. We had no luck - only one was good enough to ride and we could not get that one into the car so that we could transport it to where we needed to rent other bikes.

So... We went into Ploerman to check out bike rentals. Grammar bought some new, lightweight, waterproof panniers and we found out where to rent bikes.

In the evening we went to a concert about 100 feet up our street in the old Trinite Porhoet church. "The Famous Morbihannais Jazz Band" consisted of five musicians who played swing jazz and some blues from the 1930's to 50's. They were really excellent, accoustics were wonderful and the audience of about 100 were very enthusiastic. Barb and Grammar even went up on stage with some other people to sing "If you're smiling..."

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