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Locals of Chau Doc at work

Kids love the cmaera

American Joey doing the best thing on long bus journey

At the 'fascinating' incense stick factory

Cheers, our new found traveller pals

Anna reporting:

A second early start for the one day tour that we had deliberated over for so many hours the day before. By 8am we found ourselves at a fish farm watching the frenzy of feeding time and breathing in some pretty dodgy smells. Next stop was a Cham settlement on the river banks. Visiting these people leaves you feeling pretty cynical - all the small children are peddling cakes and other items chanting the same sales pitch over and over. Even one of the village elders was asking for money. I cannot see that such intrusion on theri daily lives is healthy for them. There was no sign of any genuine industry on there part - everything seemed to be for show. Not a very fulfilling experience!

The rest of the day was largely spent travelling to Saigon (officially Ho Chi Minh City as Danny prefers to call it). As we were piling onto the bus we were asking ourselves once again where we were all going to fit. True to style the bus seats folded out to fill the aisle with more seating.

Lunch was one not to forget. The menu was ridiculously overpriced, but as we were all starving we had to to eat. Leo, a Swedish guy ordered "Reast chicken and fried potatoes" - when it arrived he had no more than 8 chips and chicken bones with scarcely any meat on them. When we had all finished eating he said - "Do you know, I would really like something to eat!"

Arriving in Saigon made the journey worth it. As we neared the outskirts of the city the volume of traffic was jawdropping. A neverending stream of motos filling every inch of roadspace.

Danny and I took a huge room at the Guest House where we were dropped off. Sylvie, Joey and Leo another and so we headed out for a night on the town en masse. Hitting the town that night there was a buzz in my tummy. New sights and smells. Fantastic.

A street kid called Puck befriened us. Sylvie and I could not escape this kids cuddles and we were sucked in by his simple smile. He walked into the restaurant with us all and we found ourselves buying him some chicken and rice. After he had finished his meal he slipped off into the night once more. Danny was not best pleased at having him eat with us but we reasoned that feeding him was better than giving money.

After pizza all round we moved on to a bar called Allez Boo where we drank until 3am when the place closed.

Day 26 complete

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